How to survive a job interview?

Many jobseekers are wondering about the question mentioned in the header of this article. It does not depend on their professional field or years of experience. An effective interview strategy is important for everyone. In this article, we will tell you about the factors recruiters usually take into account when making their decisions and effective interview strategies applicable to any professional field.

An interview: how recruiters see it?

A common mistake of most jobseekers is that they pay too much attention to their resumes and almost don’t pay attention to interviews. Candidates often think that a job interview is a formal process on the way of their employment. They also think that recruiters make key decisions at the stage of resume selection. This opinion is totally wrong and below we will explain why.

From the hiring manager’s perspective, an interview is the most important stage of staff selection. It allows evaluating the real skills and experiences of certain candidates and comparing them to the information mentioned on their resumes. Typically, candidates don’t cheat on their resumes, however, it is always better to check the information mentioned there. In addition, recruiters use interviews to ask additional questions aimed at defining the candidate’s passion for work and ability to find nonstandard solutions. All of the above-mentioned aspects of a job interview are important when making a decision on a job offer. The main thing any jobseeker should remember regarding interviews is that he or she is not the only candidate for the position advertised and the recruiter can always choose another applicant who better shows his/her competence during the job interview.

Three job interview tips

In spite of the fact that the Internet contains a lot of information on job interviews for candidates, we think it is necessary to provide jobseekers with three tips that are essential.

  • Make a good impression from the first minute of the interview. Remember that everything matters. Even the moment when you enter the door is important for a recruiter and provides a source for certain conclusions on your psychological state. That is why you should always be confident during job interviews. This is the main rule allowing to make good impression for people.
  • Show high level of competence. Some interviews may contain test assignments. In addition, questions about your professional background are an essential part of any talk with a recruiter. It means that you should repeat the main terms related to your professional field and read some new information on it before every interview. This rule also applies to people who are well-established professionals and think that they know everything about their job.
  • Be able to resolve nonstandard tasks. This feature is highly appreciated in any professional field starting with plant workers and ending with chief executive officers. Recruiters always want to see your passion for work and to tasks that are not in your competence. Remember that cost effectiveness is the highest priority for any company. It means that if you want to get a job, you should be able to do the highest amount of work for an average salary.

These three tips will definitely help you succeed during your next job interview.

Be proactive

As already mentioned above, passion for work is always appreciated by recruiters. However, there is another thing they appreciate – your desire to work in a particular company. The issue is that any hiring manager is responsible not only for staff hiring but also for employee retention rates. If the employee leaves the company after a few months of work, the organization has to look for a new hire. It may cause many problems. That is why recruiters prefer to make job offers only to people, who exactly know what they want.


As you can see from this article, the way you behave during an interview is extremely important to get a job offer. Be confident, persuasive, and proactive to get the job of your dream.